Tasting Notes

This is the main collection of the tasting notes themselves. This is where a winemaker can quickly assess key info on the blends. This is where you can go to select a particular set of vessel/lot combinations to start tasting and generating work.

Accessing Tasting Notes

  • From the menu bar, click on “Tasting Notes”

  • From the dropdown menu, choose “Tasting Notes”

  • You will be presented with a set of criteria to help you find the vessel/lots that you want to review or work on.

  • Once you have found a vessel/lot to choose, simply click on the row and you will be take to the individual tasting note.

Explaining the criteria in the filter section:



Vessel ID

The tank or vessel identification.

Lot Code

Blend ID


Varietal of the blend


Appellation of the blend.


Vintage of the blend

Wine Status

Status of the blend


Major brand of the blend.


Site where the blend is.


A filter to help find the MAL value you’re after


A filter to help find the RS value you’re after


Color of the wine (red, white or blush)


Are you looking for an archived tasting note.

Tip: You can export the data to Excel

  • After choosing a filter criteria and have clicked Go!

  • Click on the Export Excel icon.

Tip: Saving filters

If you find yourself always choosing a certain set of criteria, you can save that criteria for next time. You can even set one of the saved filters as a default. So when you come back to this view again, you’ll be taken directly to the data based on the saved filter you chose as your default.