Long-Term Strategic Wine Supply Planning

Overview of Long-Term Strategic Supply Planning in vinoEZ

The Long-Term Strategic Supply Planning module within VinoEZ helps identify the supply position at each location in the network, over a defined time-frame. Long term planning can be performed at the planning unit/EUR level, or across all planning units/EURs.

Planning at the individual unit level

To access the long term planning functionality for an individual EUR, select Wine Supply Planning from the 'Planning' menu


The Wine Supply Planning view provides details of the following data, all of which impacts the long-term supply planning position for an EUR:



Bottling Plan

As inputted/imported (refer to Settings/Transactional Data/Bottling Plan)

Blend Plan

As defined within the Blend Planning Module (refer to Blend Planning )


As inputted within the Moves table on this view for an individual planning unit, or within the Reporting/Moves menu

Comments related to the long term plan for the planning unit can also be captured and seen here.

The wine supply planning module can used to determine the movements needed within the network, whilst respecting any pre-existing firm movements, to ensure wine volumes are where they need to be to meet the blend and bottling plans. For details on running the plan, and the pre-requisites needed, refer to 'Running the model'

Planning across all units

To plan across all units, the model is run according to the detailed instructions at Running the model - across all planning units. The individual moves and plans for each unit can still be seen at the view explained above.