Scenario Planning

Scenario planning allows users to create copies of the VinoEZ data into a new instance which will then be unrelated to the main VinoEZ data set. The new 'Scenario' database can then be used to test hypotheses in changes to demand and supply and capacity. Data from scenarios can then be accessed via API and compared to the data in the main database.

To access Scenario Planning, users must have access to the 'Scenario Planning' permission within their profile.

Users with this permission will see a 'Scenario Management' option within the Settings menu


Selecting this will open the Planning Scenario Management view

This view allows the creation of 3 seperate scenario instances.

To initiate the creation of a scenario, select the 'Refresh' icon within their Actions column against the scenario you wish to create.

A comment can then be entered to describe the scenario instance (note this comment relates only to this copy - a new comment can be added the next time the scenario is refreshed).

Confirmation is then required as the scenario copy will overwrite any previous scenario data in that instance (if it exists). Selecting OK will begin the copy process.

The scenario update can take a number of minutes depending on the size of the database being copied. Whilst the copy is occurring, the status of the scenario database will be 'enqueued' and .the refresh button will be unavailable.

Once the scenario is updated, the start and end date of the copy will be visible and the status will change to 'updated'. The screen will need to be refreshed in order to see the updates.

Data within the scenarios can now be accessed via the APIs using the scenario domain.