Creating Firm Blend Plans

Within the Blend Planning Module, firm blend plans can be created by winemakers to lock in a blend, and then set up the underlying tasks, or work order statuses, that need to be completed in order to complete the blend.

A 'Firm Qty' blend plan can be created by double clicking within the 'Firm Qty' column against the week in which the blend is to occur.

Creating a firm blend plan

The date the plan is to be done by, the blending location, volume and scheduling ID and comments if required an be added and then the blend plan created by selecting 'Add'. The plan will then be seen on the planning screen, and, behind the plan, the full set of actions required to be undertaken for the blend will also be created.

Selecting the Firm Qty amount will then open up the blend plan

Double clicking on the line item will then open the full plan, with each individual action, or work order status which is required to complete the blend.

The winemaker can now change the dates against each work order status as required.