Locking in Plans

Within the Wine Supply Planning module, any system-generated plans can be converted into 'Locked-in' plans. When this occurs, the next time the model is run, these plans will be respected by the model and will not be overwritten or replaced.

To lock in a plan, the type of the plan can be changed to one of the user-confirmed move types. Any move type without 'wsp' as a prefix is considered a 'Locked-in' plan.

To lock in system-generated bottling moves, change the move type from 'wsp-bottling_moves' to 'BOTTLING'.

To lock in system-generated blending moves, change the move type from 'wsp-blending_moves' to 'BLEND'.

Moves for Future Harvest

To lock in wine volumes coming in from future harvest so these are considered within the plan, a move can be entered of type 'HARVEST'. If the 'From' Location is selected as 'HARVEST' and a calculation is done outside of VinoEZ to convert the tonnes to a wine volume, then the 'To' location can be selected and the inventory at that location will be considered to have increased by the given volume from the inputted move date.