Handling Interface Issues

ERP data to vinoEZ


The interfacing of data from the ERP system to vinoEZ occurs each day. In some cases, an interface may fail. Typical reasons for failure are related to mismatched master data between the two applications.

There might be an expected, required master data field coming in from the ERP system that lacks a value. Or the value is outside of some sort of validation.

This document will provide some direction on which route to take to help resolve the integration issues.

Important note: The integrations from the ERP system only send changed data since the last time the integration ran. Also, when integrations are run, they run together with other integrations. So, if there is a data issue in the ERP system that needs to be resolved, just changing it in the ERP system and then having the integrations may cause more issues.


Leveraging the vinoEZ notifications, you may be subscribed to receive integration notification emails. These emails will send both a success and a failure per integration. This is handy as you will know for sure the current state of the data coming into vinoEZ.

Handling Issues

  1. If you receive an email that is an integration failure notifcicatoin, the email will provide data files that contain the rejected data along with the raw data file that the inertface was attempting to load into vinoEZ.

    1. If the issue is with the ERP system, update the ERP system and also update the file that the interfaced attempted to.

      1. Why do both and not just update the system and rerun the interface? See the "important note" above.

    2. If the issue is with vinoEZ, make the updates in vinoEZ.

    3. In the email, there is a link to a page on vinoEZ that you can upload the raw data file. Click on that link and you’ll be taken to the page.

    4. Upload the file.

    5. If there are still issues, you will be notified on screen that there were issues and be emailed the specific issues. Resolve the issues and repeat the upload.

    6. If it was successfully loaded, you are done.

    7. If you are still having issues at this point, reach out to [email protected].