Overview of how blend planning works in vinoEZ

The Blend Planning Module (BPM) within VinoEZ is a powerful tool that assists winemakers by suggesting blends to schedule, based on demand, a set of parameters and rules around safety stock and blend sizes, and any pre-existing 'Firm' blend plans. These automated calculated blend recommendations can then be used by winemakers to make further firm plans, and then, more granularly, plan the actions, or 'work order statuses' that need to occur to complete the firm blends.

The Blend Planning Module can be accessed via 2 menu items:

  • BPM - Locations - which allows planning across an entire location

  • BPM - Winemakers - which allows planning for all EURs belonging to a particular winemaker

Once an EUR has been selected in either view, the planning screen can be seen.

This view can then be used for Generating the Auto Blend Plan and Creating Firm Blend Plans‚Äč